Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Torture, Sigma Pi Style

I'm beginning to think that it's a travesty that Obama has announced that the CIA interrogators will not face justice. Like many I was first struck by the claim that they were acting under orders and that if we were to run up charges against the countless peons who were told to torture these prisoners we might be punishing individuals who under other circumstance wouldn't lift a finger to hurt a fly.

But you know what? I'm now struck by how all of the people involved in this monumental shit storm are like your common Frat Boy. Say what you will about fraternity brothers at AnyCollege USA but the ones I have come across were what my mom would call "The Boy Next Door", probably a lot like the the baby-faced interrogators. They use their perceived innocence as a tool to get others to overlook their questionable behavior. They're the kind who get sweet joy from knocking around dorks in front of other people. The kind who deliberately hurt other people's feelings. The kind who make off-colored remarks about anyone who's different. They always laugh AT, not with. Maybe they aren't hard-assed criminals but they're still assholes. Give an asshole the freedom to do whatever he pleases under the guise of nationalism and what do you get? You get the same guy who gets his rocks off by making other guys chug their body weight in whiskey until they pass out - only now he has a government-sponsored outline of how to waterboard detainees. Welcome to Guantanomo, Sigma Pi style.

I'm a true blue Obama supporter but anything short of a full blown investigation of EVERY person involved in this scandal is a scandal in and of itself.

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